5-Star Training Workshops

5-Star Training Workshops

OUR Workshops are designed to instil a culture of excellence and create high-performance teams, organisations and communities. 

  • We use standard 2-day Training Workshops, 2-hour Motivation Talks as well as One-on-One or Group Coaching Sessions to influence attitude and culture change at every level in an organisation. 
  • Training and certification of a critical mass of staff and senior management, will help achieve desired change of culture within any organisation.  When this critical mass has a common perception of customers; speak a common service language; and have a clearly defined and commonly shared vision, the standard of performance rises and dynamic change takes place in an organisation.
  • 5-Star Training Workshops were created by Gudbank Investments (Pvt) Ltd in Zimbabwe and captured the decades of knowledge and experience acquired from training and consulting within multiple economic sectors on the African Continent. The benefits of the practical, hands-on approach and customisation of 5-Star Training Workshops and related services have been confirmed by the demand for our expertise to train within a long list of reputable organisations.

We pride ourselves as Training Specialists with expert knowledge and skills for Training Needs Assessment, Content and Material Design, Training Delivery and Effectiveness Evaluation.


5-Star Customer Service Training Workshop

The 2-day 5-Star Customer Service Workshop is a Game-Changer. Currently running in English or Shona, with the Ndebele version is on its way. The workshop can be trained at all levels in the organisation, but the following should be noted:

  • Participants attending an English workshop should be able to read and write fluently in English. Participants who cannot understand English will find the learning extremely difficult and should attend a workshop in the vernacular.
  • A minimum of 8, and a maximum of 25 participants per workshop is required to ensure effectiveness and viability of the workshops.


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the important role they play in realizing the organisation’s Vision, Mission, Values & Strategic Goals.
  2. Effectively demonstrate understanding of the 3 Arms of Customer Service – Service Performance, Customer Support & Customer Care.
  3. Meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations by applying the 5-Star Customer Service principles.
  4. Improve the quality of service through the effective and professional use of Communication skills and technologies.
  5. Adopt and sustain a positive attitude as they deliver quality memorable experiences, not just products and services, to both internal and external customers.
  6. Improve effectiveness of efforts at work and utilize systems and processes to enhance quality and standard of service in responding to the dynamic customer needs and handling complaints in a professional way.

Benefits of 5-Star Training Workshops

Benefits of 5-Star Training Workshops

  • Increase in efficiencies through clarity of Vision/Strategy, improved structures, systems and performance.
  • Improvement in staff attitudes, performance levels and management capacity.
  • Increased customer retention rate and business growth.
  • Positive organisational climate and culture change.
  • Reduced cost of Human Capital Development and Increased sustainability of training benefits gained from the Development of In-house Training Facilitators.

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