Since 2001, our 5-Star Workshops have been effectively instilling a culture of excellence and creating high-performance individuals, teams, organisations and communities. Let us train your team so you can join our growing list of 5-Star Performance/Champion Brands.

From Customer Service & Project Management to Strategy Sessions - we deliver impeccable Attitude & Culture Change Interventions..


This is how we differ from every other Training and Consulting company you have dealt with before.

  • At Five-Star Performance, our edge is in the ability to convert knowledge and skills acquired during training, into the daily practice and activities at work.
  • We seek to share your culture, mission, ambitions, values and strategic goals and translate them to daily practice and measurable results.
  • We will work with and through your Training Department to roll-out our “5-Star Performance Method” and “12-Week Execution (12WEX) Plan”. While these tools are meant to ensure effectiveness of training provided, they are complementary to, and ride on, your Performance Management System.
  • Facilitation is by 5-Star Performance Certified Emotional Intelligence-trained Coaches.

We pride ourselves as Training & Consulting Specialists with expert knowledge and skills for Training Needs Assessment, Content and Material Design, Training Delivery and Effectiveness Evaluation.

  • We use standard 2-day Training Workshops, 2-hour Motivation Talks as well as One-on-One or Group Coaching Sessions to influence attitude and culture change at every level in an organisation.
  • Training and certification of a critical mass of staff and senior management, will help achieve desired change of culture within any organisation; partners develop a clearly defined and commonly shared vision, the standard of performance rises and dynamic change takes place in an organisation.
  • 5-Star Training Workshops were created by Gudbank Investments (Pvt) Ltd in Zimbabwe and captured the decades of knowledge and experience acquired from training and consulting within multiple economic sectors on the African Continent. The benefits of the practical, hands-on approach and customisation of 5-Star Training Workshops and related Consulting Services have been confirmed by the demand for our expertise to train within a long list of reputable organisations.

Our footprint

What we offer

  •  5-Star Pre-Intervention Senior Management Strategy Session
  • 5-Star Customer Service Workshop
  • ZimHost & AfriHost Workshops
  • Aligned for Peak Performance Workshop
  • Personal & Team Effectiveness Workshop
  • Performance Management Workshop
  • Negotiation & Influencing Skills
  • Train-the-Trainer Workshop
  • 5-Star Refresher Workshops
  • 5-Star Motivation Talks
  • Strategy Formulation & Review Sessions
  • Organisation Design & Development Services
  • HR Management Interventions
  • Coaching & Mentoring Services
  • Mystery-Shopper Surveys
  • Writing, Editing & Proof-reading Services
  • Business Incubation/Acceleration & Project/Event Management Services