The 5-Star Performance Method

Our unparalleled process and approach ensures you get value added to your organisation and employees, from all our workshops and interventions. No other program puts your interests and needs to heart like our Five-Star Performance Method.

1. Needs Identification

Whenever necessary, we conduct Bench-marking and Mystery Shopper surveys to identify challenges and refine your organisation’s previously identified needs. This will feed into the customization of training material and the separation of training needs from non-training needs within your business operations, systems and other areas.

2. Solution Delivery

Using input from Star-1, we will deliver Training and/or Consulting intervention as agreed with you. Facilitation will be done by an expert Trainer/Consultant in the areas identified. Our Training Methods and Content Quality will always be pitched to suite the different adult learning styles and customized to address specific issues on the strategic plan and goals of your organisation. We will work with you to craft Case Studies, for group discussions, that are relevant to your organisation. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the Workshop and 5-Star Performer Certification after the 12WEX Plan implementation.

3. Execution Support

We work on the premise that the only knowledge and skill that is beneficial, is that which we actually put into practice. We will implement our 12-Week Execution (12WEX) Plan, providing a Handbook with templates to guide execution and evaluation of the training outcomes over a 12-week period. This will guide the goal-setting exercise and weekly operational meetings for sections/departments. This process will start 1 week prior to participants attending the workshop. Within 7 days of Training, we will meet with participants and their immediate management representatives to ensure goals set during the workshop are fed into the daily work activities and tied to your performance management framework. Email support and coaching will be available on an ongoing basis.

4. Review Process

At the end of the 12 weeks/3 months after the Training or Consulting Solution delivery, a Review session will be conducted with participants including their management representatives. Goals for the remaining financial year, relevant to training offered, will be refined during this process.

5. 5-Star Certification & Accreditation

Upon completion of the Review Process, participants will be issued with their 5-Star Certification. The 5-Star Certificate will be accompanied by a 5-Star Performer Pin, denoting the 5-Star Performance expected from all certified individuals. Departments and/or organizations will be issued with 5-Star Accreditation in the area trained on – accreditation will be on condition 75% of staff including management have been trained and valid for a period of 1 year, unless unfavorable survey result is obtained before the 1-year lapses.