Entrepreneurial skills training programme

Date: 27 February 2018

Definition of terms

Formal traders – Registered company, pays tax (most of the time)

Informal traders –                Kwamai Precious/Ko NaPrecious

Business levels

Beginner –              I’m just starting out (0 – 5 years of operation, just managing to survive)

Intermediate –     I have an idea of what to do (made a couple of dollars, thinking of scaling up or expanding)

Affluent –                I know what I’m doing (I’ve been around, looking for opportunities in Saudi Arabia and China)

Phase I: Why is my business not doing as well? A How-To Approach


Target: Formal and informal traders

Business levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Affluent


Questions answered in this session:

1.    Feasibility study – Does my market exist?

Ideas are now a dime a dozen. We discuss on whether or not your idea or business is translatable into reality or scalable into a bigger business.

2.    My business model- does it actually work?

In this segment we talk about business models. Is the one you use the best one for you and your business?

3.    Resourcing your business

Even with a market and a good business model, without the right people and adequate resources, it remains a good idea. Find out more on how to put together the best team possible.

4.    Regularising my business

We all don’t particularly like the taxman! A view on the advantages and disadvantages of formalizing a business.

Phase II: Consultancy services – Becoming a bigger player

Target: Formal and informal traders

Business levels: All


We take a personal look at your business. Specific internal and external factors affecting it. PESTEL and SWOT analysis. Monthly peer meetings on progress.